When it comes to packing essentials in your carry-on for your next flight, many people add a jumper, extra socks, or even their own blanket to their bags.

Because one thing’s for sure: you’ll probably be cold on your flight.

But have you ever stopped to think of the reason why the cabin of a plane is so cold?

According to a Canadian flight attendant, it’s to do with keeping you feeling good.

Vanessa Settimi told Reader’s Digest that a cooler cabin helps passengers who are prone to fainting or have motion sickness during turbulence.

She also clarified that despite what travellers may think, cabin crew don’t have control over the cabin temperature.

“Temperature in the cabin is controlled by the pilots. Even though travellers often ask to get the temperature turned up during flights, it is kept on the cooler side.”

She went on to say that the key to staying warm on your next flight is bringing extra layers.

“Now this might just be the flight attendant in me,” says Settimi, “but you will never catch me flying as a traveller in sandals and a tank top!”

Image credits: Shutterstock

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