I was a medic in the army. One day, I woke up with terrible back pain. I went to the sick hall, where I was told I’d be taken ...read more

While rushing around the hospital, busy doctors can sometimes leave odd comments on their patients’ charts:

– ...read more

I recently asked a friend, “Has your son decided what he wants to be when he grows up?”

“Yes, he wants to be a ...read more

After stepping out for a few minutes from the Grade 1 classroom where I teach, I returned to a chorus of children tattling: “B ...read more

I was working in army security when a VIP from another base called to ask to whom he should address an important letter. Knowing ...read more

I am the principal of an elementary school. One day a bigger boy was brought into my office for discipline. He had hit two kinde ...read more

My real name is Wilton, but everyone at the plastics factory calls me “Dub”. And that’s where the confusion began. A woman ...read more

During a Pilates class, our thin instructor apologised to one of her larger students for blocking her view of the mirror
. ...read more

My sister didn’t do as well on her driver’s-ed test as she’d hoped. It might have had something to do with how she complet ...read more

Saving for a new car on a teacher’s salary takes a while, so in the meantime I borrowed a friend’s old car that was so beat ...read more

The pressures of work can bring out the weirdness in people. Check out these real-life exchanges from overheardintheoffice.com:< ...read more

A teenager came into the clothing store where I work and browsed for over an hour before choosing the perfect dress for a party. ...read more

We were making leaflets for a local church, and the client wanted a logo designed with Earth being shielded by the hand of God. ...read more


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