Heavy snow had buried my van in our driveway. My husband dug around the wheels, rocked the van back and forth, and finally pushe ...read more

Today I ran into an old friend who I hadn’t seen in years. She raved about how I hadn’t aged a bit, and I was all set to tha ...read more

I visited my daughter bearing gifts: summer squash from my garden.

“What should I do with it?” she asked.
< ...read more

A shopper at my in-law’s clothing store couldn’t understand why she had to pay so much for her purchase.

“I g ...read more

Overheard in a museum’s dinosaur exhibit recently: a confused woman complaining to her friend, “How could they possibly know ...read more

The air-conditioning in my high school civics class was less than ideal. Everyone who sat in the back would freeze, while everyo ...read more

Overheard on an airplane, a mother to a disgruntled teen:

“Well, honey, maybe you can talk to the airline and they ...read more

Four of us were playing a board games with cards that asked various questions, and players were to choose which one of them each ...read more

My daughter said something to me that I didn’t think was very polite. I told her she needed to say it again in a nicer way – ...read more

Shortly after my grandmother passed away, I took my daughter to her gravesite, which was located beside a row of pine trees. “ ...read more


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