The original recipe for this nutritious breakfast cereal was developed over a century ago, by Dr Bircher–Benner at his clinic in Zurich. The technique of soaking the cereal, here using [...]
Not only is this refreshing soup perfect on sweltering summer days, it could also give you a vitamin boost in winter when you feel slightly under the weather. Made up of a variety of delicious [...]
Here is an updated version of the traditional Greek pastries, made with a cinnamon–spiced filling of dried dates, dried mango and pistachios, layered with filo pastry. Although this baklava [...]
With its unusual combination of sweet tropical fruit and crunchy vegetables in a chilli–spiced dressing, this is a most attractive and appetising salad. Serve it as part of an al fresco [...]
A can of fruit can be transformed into a special–tasting fruit salad with the minimum of effort. Here, lychees are enhanced with stem ginger and the zest and juice of fresh lime for an [...]
If you're bored with cereal for breakfast, try this fruity alternative. Thick slices of fruit bread, toasted and spread with orange-flavoured cream cheese, are topped with strawberries and [...]

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