My husband had only a short time to live and a friend took us on his yacht for a five day and night sail around the wonderful Whitsundays.

The beautiful sea, sky, islands and scenery, blotted out for a time the years of chemo and hospitals – and as we sailed into the sunset each evening to a new mooring, we realised that here, right on our doorstep, we can have, for so little investment, so much… and certainly an experience to call ‘The time of our lives’.

Wendy Stanier, Bargara QLD



When I jumped out of a plane with my sister. It was scary but worth it as my family were there watching every minute.

Ros McFarlane, Kembla Grange NSW

When I was 20, my long-distance friend and I were in need of a reunion after three years apart. We decided to book a holiday with a tour company, to New Zealand!

Not a day of the trip went by where I didn’t have a smile plastered on my face, I was elated. My friend and I decided to do a tandem jump at the Canyon Swing, which was a 60-metre free fall, similar to bungee jumping but you get to stay upright in a harness.

After a few failed attempts to jump we knew it was time to be brave. With lumps in our throats and hearts beating out of our chests, we finally got the courage to casually step off the ledge.

My body startled and I was sure my heart would explode as we plummeted down towards the jagged rocks below. Our hair being tossed about in the wind, our faces frozen in place, the view of the cliff and surrounding trees just a blur of greens and browns rushing past our eyes.

The fall felt both lightning quick and like a long, drawn-out movie. For a moment that felt like forever, my mind completely emptied and I finally understood meditation. I didn’t even realise I had been screaming the whole time until we were at the end of the rope, gently swinging above the clear water under us.

Exhilarated and light headed, we just sat there swinging and laughing with delight while our bodies shook with adrenaline.

It was terrifying but I truly had the time of my life!

Kate Battams, Toowoomba, Qld


Stomping grapes in the Hunter Valley and then singing our way through the vines on a hay ride, with guitar playing and sipping vino – magnificent!

Diane Clare, Toronto NSW


Definitely, when my son came out into the world. Everything changed for me – and I look forward to the change.

Michael Tee, Palmerston ACT


On a rare date night, my husband and I went to see Shall We Dance (yes, it was that long ago). Before kids we did a lot of ballroom dancing, and at the end of the movie, during the credits, my husband waltzed me down the aisle and we danced a Cha Cha in the space between the seats and the screen.

We weren’t that brilliant, but the rest of the audience applauded, and I loved the feeling of being free to do something simple and shameless and oh so fun.

Lorraine Cormack, Woden ACT


My “time of your life” moment would have to be in Italy when we happened to be there for the Lemoncello festival in Monteroso.

The surreal experience of time standing still for you to enjoy and immerse yourself in another culture and experience life through the eyes of others enjoying life.

Cheryl Hansen, Orange NSW


When our first child was born. When we were in the delivery room and I held her in my arms I felt an outpouring of joy, love and wonder as I held this little girl who my wife and I and God had made.

I was in love and still am.

Phillip Cunningham, Mount Druitt NSW


A chair pushed back in my face and a sleeping passenger falling onto my shoulder until a flight attendant advised I’d been upgraded to business…

Jemma Lucich, Rivervale WA


I was in the army (during conscription) trying to get home for Christmas when my lift fell through, so I decided to hitchhike.

I travelled in the back of livestock trucks, with sheep, in classic cars with an amazing old couple who insisted on feeding me their homemade bread and produce and eco-warriors trying to convince me to desert – to name a few.

What should have been a 10-hour trip turned into the most amazing three-day excursion across a swath of the country I had never seen, culminating in a farmer, who knew my father, driving well off his route to drop me at my doorstep on Christmas eve.

This will live with me forever.

James Gillespie, Forestville NSW

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