At age 40 I led an impromptu conga line through a very posh church.

Shocked some folk – but then they all joined in.

Marilyn King, West Footscray Vic



At my fourth birthday party, my big brother rescued me after I had fallen into my parents’ backyard swimming pool.

I still remember while being hugged by my distraught mother, how happy I was to be alive, and that it wasn’t the The Time of My Death!

Paul Buschenhofen, Lemon Tree Passage NSW


It might be small but when all my family was together still.

We would have massive parties and barbecues and just fun until we all fell asleep.

Then when the death of my uncle happened the family was torn apart.

It hasn’t been the same since.

B McQuire, South Mackay Qld


I was having my apartment renovated and hired a tradesman to install floorboards.

I wasn’t looking forward to this messy task – but falling deeply in love with the tradesman made everything easy and even pleasurable!

Alda Schinaia, St Kilda East, Vic


I travelled down the coast of Scotland and England in a two-seater car with my dad and best friend.

It was cramped, freezing and I’d do anything to be able to do it one more time.

Kasey Ball, Murputja NT


Backpacking around Corfu in Greece, not knowing the language but enjoying every random encounter and food from stands that I was sure would give me food poisoning – but didn’t!

Life is short – wing it!

Suzanne Warmington, Calwell ACT

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