The best-laid plans of small boys and their pets depend on outwitting parents – and avoiding temptation.
When Barry Martin took on the role of construction supervisor of a huge commercial complex in Seattle, he never imagined that he would end up befriending Edith Macefield, the 84-year-old who had [...]
In 2015, university student Kris Chung donated part of his liver to save the life of a toddler he’d never met – and gained an unexpected reward for his sacrifice.
The author forged an unlikely relationship with a big cat. Did it come at a price?
Suffering from extreme amnesia, he remembers nothing – except the woman he loves.
Something wonderful and a little mystical happened there in the lonely wilderness of Alaska – something that can be accepted even if it is not fully understood.
If we could choose one thing to outlast all others, what better choice would there be but love?

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