Time to check in with teenage wunder-tweeter @SixthFormPoet. His musing have been enjoyed by millions since he joined Twitter in February 2011, and he now has a book, The Sixth Form Poet: Deep Thoughts and Wise Words. Enjoy.

Clapping between press-ups is a cool way to applaud yourself for managing something asthmatic 10-year-olds can do with minimal effort.
“My bed is half full.” – Lonely optimist

Just so you know, kissing someone mid-sentence works better in films than when a bus conductor is asking why you don’t have a valid ticket.

Just found the worst page in the entire dictionary. What I saw was disgraceful, disgusting, dishonest and disingenuous.

Life is a gift. You never get the one you really wanted.

It’s odd that Thelma & Louise spend an entire film challenging sexist stereotypes, then die at the end because of their terrible driving.

(@SixthFormPoet) on Twitter

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