Australia's Most Trusted Professions

Australia's Most Trusted Professions
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People want to have faith in the products they buy (such as the ones from the annual Reader’s Digest Trusted Brands survey), the people they employ, and the information they read. Having a good reputation is a big part of that trust.

Across the community, some professions are perceived as being more trustworthy than others.

Our annual Trusted Professions survey reveals that, just as we did last year, in 2021 Australians trust doctors the most.

Caregiving professions have consistently ranked among the top five for many years. So this year it’s no surprise that the other professions in the top five were nurses, paramedics, firefighters and scientists, in that order.

Medical professionals are trusted across the board. Throughout the pandemic, medical professionals took their role of health guardians very seriously, whether it was on the frontline in hospitals, or by making home visits and phone consultations. Their diligence and guidance was transparent and thorough. And while firefighters are the only profession in the top five not employed in the medical sector, their dedication to providing life- and property-protecting care to the community demonstrates their professional sacrifices that earn our trust.

The poll asked participants to nominate the profession they trust the most. Although the list changes from year to year, professions such as paramedics, nurses, doctors and firefighters are regular repeats.

Here is the full list of the top 30 professions.


Top 10

Top 10
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1 Doctors

2 Nurses

3 Paramedics

4 Firefighters

5 Scientists

6 Police Officers

7 Teachers

8 Pharmacists

9 Pilots

10 Vets


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11 Members of Armed Forces

12 Social Workers

13 Judges

14 Dentists

15 Religious Ministers and Priests

16 Psychologists/Counsellors

17 Accountants

18 Financial Planners

19 Post Office Workers

20 Childcare Workers


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21 Lawyers

22 Retail Workers

23 Builders

24 Aged Care Workers

25 CEOs

26 Social Media Producers

27 Security Guards

28 Delivery Drivers

29 Journalists

30 Politicians

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