Current job seekers in the Asia-Pacific region need to gear up for the digital world.

According to LinkedIn’s 2018 Emerging Jobs in Singapore report, the in-demand roles are evolved hybrids of traditional roles in the digital sphere.

Vice president of talent and learning solutions for APAC at LinkedIn, Feon Ang, says, “While it’s no surprise that the top emerging jobs … are all related to technology, many of them require management and communications skills, making them hybrids of new and traditional roles – such as user experience designer.”

Check out the top 5 emerging jobs in the Asia-Pacific region now, and what skills you need in order to be relevant:

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1. Data Scientists
1. Data Scientists
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Data scientists are able to analyse and extract meaning from data in order to offer insights that may be beneficial to a company.

Skills needed: data science, machine learning, coding, analytics, big data and data mining.


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