Nothing beats the thrill of watching a brilliant movie for the first time. But you can come close to recapturing that magic if you’re willing to watch that familiar film from a different perspective.

Many movies leave unanswered questions – and the occasional gaping plot hole – and it’s up to the audience to fill in the blanks. Often, the movie theories that fans come up with to explain a weak plot point or curious bit of character development are more imaginative than the filmmakers themselves claim to have intended. Nevertheless, these theories are based on hints – however subtle – that keen audiences have picked up on, viewing after viewing.

Check out these mind-blowing movie theories, and get ready to re-watch your favourite flicks with fresh eyes.

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1. ‘James Bond’ is actually a code name
1. ‘James Bond’ is actually  a code name

Fans of the James Bond film franchise may have noticed that even as the decades pass and the technology changes, Bond himself is forever young and ready for action. Some have attributed this to the production teams updating the character to keep him relevant, while others have a more cunning explanation. Have you ever considered that ‘James Bond’ is merely a code name for various 007 agents? This would certainly explain why the man never seems to age, and why he isn’t shy about introducing himself with the iconic “Bond … James Bond” in the presence of potential foes.


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