Approximately 500 people were evacuated from the RMIT campus in Melbourne recently when several people reported the smell of gas coming from the library.

Firefighters combed the area and found the source of the smell to be not a gas leak but – wait for it – a durian. The fruit had been left to rot in a cupboard and the offending smell had moved around the building through the air-conditioning system.

The thorny Southeast Asian fruit is undeniably pungent, so much so that it’s often not allowed on trains and in hotels.

Check out these other foods that also assault your olfactory senses:

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1. Surströmming
1. Surströmming
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This Swedish delicacy, made of Baltic sea herring that has been fermented for about six months, is often considered to be the smelliest food in the world.

The stench is definitely overpowering – so be sure to heed expert advice and open a can of it outdoors if you’re ever tempted to give it a try. If you’re keen for a giggle, just Google “Surströmming videos” to watch people all over the world try the dish for the first time.


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