This lightly spiced soup is robust and satisfying – the perfect choice for a simple meal on a cold day. Generous spoonfuls of fresh raita bring a terrific contrast in flavour and texture to [...]
Chicken thighs are excellent in a casserole, being very tender and full of flavour. Fresh apricots and a bulb of fennel make good partners, especially when spiced up with cumin. Rice would be a [...]
Serve this salad warm or cool as a main dish for 4, or as a main course accompaniment for 6. Either way, it is a flavoursome low–fat vegetarian dish that has real meal appeal. Saffron, [...]
A topping lightened with whisked eggwhites and finished with a sprinkling of parmesan can make a simple pasta and vegetable bake very special. You can use a wide variety of vegetables with the [...]
This vegetable–rich couscous is lower in fat than most pilafs and it makes a marvellous, healthy main dish, or an excellent side dish for almost any simply cooked meat or poultry, when it [...]
This stylish–looking main course is surprisingly easy to make. The chicken breasts can be prepared in advance, ready for cooking, and kept, covered, in the fridge. Tagliatelle tossed with a [...]
A typical Cajun recipe, this dish is full of spicy, complex flavours. With lots of rice and vegetables, it is a great meal to make a small amount of meat go a long way, and offers a healthy [...]
The combination of grains and beans is common to all cuisines with a tradition of vegetarian meals. In this delicious one-pot main dish, ground coriander and cinnamon and dried apricots add a [...]
One of the reasons the so-called Mediterranean diet is considered healthy is that it features many dishes like this one from Spain, based on rice cooked in olive oil with lots of vegetables and a [...]
Stir-frying really makes the most of vegetables, retaining their colour, flavour and texture. The best thing about this dish is that you can use up any vegetables in the refrigerator and turn [...]
When you don't have time to roast a whole stuffed chicken – or when it's too hot to turn on the oven – serve these plump chicken breasts filled with a creamy, lemon-scented pistachio stuffing. To [...]
Indian-style korma curries are loved the world over. This version is quite mild, so add more korma paste if you like a bit more heat, or experiment by using another Indian curry paste. Serve with [...]

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