If good health floats your boat – get onto oats!

a) Reduces LDL (or the ‘bad’) cholesterol in your bloodstream and;

b) Reduces blood glucose peaks after meals – extremely beneficial for those seeking a low GI diet such as Type 2 Diabetics.

Betaglucare is a unique new product pioneering the ‘medical food’ category. Made in Sweden from the highest quality Scandinavian oats, it’s a daily routine that provides a natural and healthy option in the complementary treatment of both high cholesterol and blood glucose levels.

So why not have regular oats instead?

Not all oats are equal – the quality plays a very big part in how effective it is.

How does it work?

Oats contain varying quantities of beta-glucan, a soluble fibre that forms a thick gel-like substance in your digestive system after you eat it. The higher the molecular weight, or quality of the oat, the thicker the gel that forms. It’s this thickness, or viscosity that influences how well it works. Betaglucare contains one of the highest known concentrations of high MW beta-glucan. There’s more beta-glucan in one 14gm sachet than there is in three bowls of oats!

Blood Glucose Management

Imagine if, before you had your meal you were able to paint a protective layer on the insides of your intestines to slow down how fast you digest your food – this is essentially what happens when you eat Betaglucare. This means the carbohydrates in your meal are digested more slowly so your blood sugar peaks are reduced after your meal. You still gain the nourishment from your food, it’s just spread over a longer period of time. Results are measurable soon after meals if you have a blood glucose testing device.


Bile acid in the stomach contains LDL (or the ‘bad’) cholesterol. The gel formed by the beta-glucan mops up the bad cholesterol and in turn reduces it’s re-absorption during digestion. Results are measurable after eight weeks by way of a blood cholesterol test.

Betaglucare is available in pharmacies

Betaglucare is available in pharmacies

Can soluble fibres replace medications in the treatment of these conditions?
In some cases, if levels of cholesterol and/or blood glucose are borderline, then yes a natural method such as this can be very effective. That said, this is but one of a number of lifestyle choices anyone can take… the healthier your overall approach, the greater the combined benefits will be. As always it’s recommended that you work with your GP for the best outcome.

Here’s what Pharmacists had to say after a trial involving almost 100 pharmacies across the nation:

“I have so much more confidence in recommending Betaglucare after trialling it myself. I have put three of my customers on it in the last three weeks and they are also very happy as their sugars are better controlled.”
Mala – Pharmacist WA

“I had my blood test after finishing the sachets and I was very happy with the results. Previous total cholesterol: 6.3. Current total cholestrol: 5.2. I’m very excited about these results and I have made these sachets as my staple for breakfast… I’ve been recommending these to anybody who comes in with high cholesterol or someone who wants to have more fibre in their diet and have told my customers the results. It’s so easy to sell something when you have living proof”
Nevin – Pharmacy Assistant from Sydney

Where to buy?

Betaglucare is available in pharmacies nationally or you can order online HERE.

To find out more information and how it works click HERE.

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