Resign from the clean plate club

Resign from the clean plate club

From childhood, you’ve been told to finish your meal; it’s time to let go of that habit. Yes, it’s challenging to leave behind a delicious bite of chicken parma – even if you feel full. But doing so could help tip the scales in your favour. “I’m part of the ‘leave a few bites behind on my plate club’,” Collingwood jokes. While this strategy may not seem like significant kilojoule savings, you could save upwards of 200 to 400 kilojoules a day. In a year, that could yield a much slimmer you.

Don’t take another bite! Check out 20 food facts that will change how you eat.


Fill half of your plate with vegies

Fill half of your plate with vegies

Not only are vegetables low in kilojoules, but they are also excellent sources of fibre and water, two things that can help boost feelings of satiety. For this reason, Collingwood always fills half her plate with vegies. “This helps me stick to the proper serving sizes of the other foods on my plate.”

While lean protein (meat, seafood, soy products, eggs, beans and nuts) is important to a smart diet, around 20% on your plate is all you need, according to the US Federal Occupational Health.

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