Clearing the Air

If you suffer from allergies, asthma, hay fever or other conditions that result in congestion and breathing difficulties, you may be considering purchasing a humidifier or purifier to combat air pollution at home. These handy tips will help you choose the best one for your particular needs.

1. Ease of use
Choosing a unit with filters that are easy to clean and cartridges that are affordable and quick to replace will ensure you stick to your treatment regimen long enough to see significant results.

2. Going quiet
Some fan-operated purifiers can be quite noisy, which can affect sleep patterns. Look for units with a power or speed control that’s adjustable for your comfort.

3. Go for a multi-tasker
Some humidifiers and purifiers are good at relieving one specific condition, while others deal with a wide range. If you’re unsure, choose a unit that targets more than one affliction, such as hay fever, asthma, blocked sinuses – even throw in snoring for good measure.

4. Branch out
If you’ve tried more common units and haven’t been thrilled with the results, don’t give up. More and more innovations continue to be made, such as dry salt therapy units, UV-light purifiers and more advanced temperature-controlled humidifiers.

5. Do your part
Even the best units aren’t miracle workers. Give yours every chance of producing results by also keeping a well-ventilated home with regularly cleaned rugs and carpets.

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