Keep An Ear Out For These Phone Scams

Phone scams are ever-evolving, with cunning scammers constantly coming up with new ways to make you part with your money.

Beware these latest phone scams
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Don’t fall victim to a telephone scam – educate yourself on the latest tricks to get you to part with your money.

Whatsapp Scam
Whatsapp Scam

What is it?

The Singapore Police Force issued a warning just last month about a scam that causes victims to lose access to their Whatsapp accounts.

How does it work?

Victims would receive Whatsapp messages from people on their contact list asking for their Whatsapp account verification codes.

Once the victims send the codes over, the scammers control of the accounts.

They would then use these compromised accounts to con people on the contact list into purchasing gift cards and sending over the passwords for the cards. The cards would then be sold online.

How can I protect myself?

Don’t entertain unusual requests via Whatsapp, even if they come from someone on your contact list, as the account may have been compromised.

Speak with the person to verify their identity.

You can also protect your Whatsapp account by enabling the “Two-step Verification” feature.

Watch this video from the Singapore Police Force to see how the scam unfolds.

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