Love Jokes

From the horse's mouth

After leaving my job, I was amazed to hear that one of my old colleagues, Alan, had been spotted with a new girlfriend. Alan had never shown any interest in romance, so this was big news. A mutual... read more


I was alone in an elevator when a girl stepped in with a phone pressed to her ear. “I have to go,” she told the person on the other end. “There’s a cute guy standing here.”

Before I... read more

Sweet nothings

As the music swelled during a recent wedding reception, my hopelessly romantic husband squeezed my hand, leaned in and said, “You’re better looking than half the women here.”

Love is blind

I’ve been told that when you meet the right person, you know immediately. How come when you meet the wrong person it takes a year and a half?

The bonds of marriage

A man is drinking with his wife when out of the blue he announces, "I love you."
"Is that you or the beer talking?" she asks.
"It’s me," he says, "talking to the beer."

Different wavelengths

I said to my boyfriend recently, “You know, we’ve been together for four years – I think it’s about time we started talking about the future.”

I thought he was going to run for the... read more

Vows of silence

I love being married. When I was single, I got so sick of finishing my own sentences.