Thai Dang grew up in a remote village named Phuoc-Hoa in South Vietnam during the Vietnam War. Where he lived, there was no running water, electricity or access to health facilities or hospitals.  

When he was 13 years old, he came down with a severe case of malaria. His parents did what they could, but without medical attention, they nearly lost all hope. But then, a UNICEF medical team on the ground provided him with medicine that saved his life. 

“Ever since that day I’ve been grateful to UNICEF and the people who make the work they do possible. Because without them, I most likely wouldn’t be here today”.  

Years later, after graduating from high school, Thai was accepted into the School of Social Work, funded by UNICEF, providing him with an education he wouldn’t have been able to access otherwise.  

“Both the life and education I have… I give all the credit to UNICEF.”  

In 1978, Thai and his brother built a tiny wooden boat and escaped Vietnam with many others. They’d nearly run out of food and water and were facing big storms when two fishing ships rescued them and gave them shelter.  

Thai Dang (second from left) pictured with friends.

Thai then lived as a refugee in Indonesia for a year before he resettled in America and started his family. Since then, he raised three wonderful children, had a successful career as an engineer and moved across the world to retire with his wife Diamond in Brisbane, Australia.  

“As soon as I could, I started donating to UNICEF. I wanted to repay my debt to them for everything that they’ve made possible since they saved my life all those years ago”. 

Thai and his wife Diamond have both made the decision to include a gift to UNICEF in their Wills, so that more children are protected from preventable diseases and have access to education. 

“Of course, I wanted to make sure my three children were taken care of too. So I decided to give 10% of my estate to UNICEF and divide the remaining 90% between my children”.  

“I’m providing for my family, and helping UNICEF create a brighter future for every child in need”. 

For over 75 years, UNICEF has been there for children throughout humanitarian crises, conflicts and natural disasters. Through the gifts in their Wills, Thai and Diamond are helping make sure this work can continue well into the future.  

Thai and Diamond’s generosity will allow UNICEF to continue to reach vulnerable children all over the world and provide them with the vital resources that are necessary for them to reach their full potential. 

Thai, Diamond and UNICEF Australia Gifts in Wills Manager, Hannah.

UNICEF is the world’s leading organisation working to protect and improve the lives of every child in over 190 countries. Since our work began over 75 years ago, UNICEF has protected millions of children around the world from life-threatening diseases, like malaria. 

UNICEF Australia has partnered with Gathered Here to offer you the opportunity to write your Will online for free

Gathered Here provides an easy option for the 70% of Australians who don’t have a legally binding Will to write their Will online and protect the people and causes that mean the most to them. They are supported by an in-house legal team of highly experienced Wills and estate lawyers. 

While making a Will online may not be for everyone, particularly those with complex estates, thousands more Australians have been able to write a Will within the comfort of their own home, in just 10 minutes.  

Whilst it’s not a requirement, writing a Will with Gathered Here also allows you to leave a lasting gift to UNICEF Australia which will help us continue our work with children everywhere far into the future. 

After you’ve provided for those closest to you, leaving a gift to UNICEF Australia is a lasting and meaningful way that you can have an impact for years to come.  

Even 1% of your estate can make an incredible difference to the lives of children all around the world, well into the future. 

A meaningful gift in your Will can help create a future where every child has access to not only life-saving medicine, but other essentials like education, nutritious food and clean water.  

If you would like to learn more about the impact a gift in your Will could have, please do not hesitate to get in touch with the UNICEF Australia Gifts in Wills team via email at or call to speak with Hannah or Abi on 1300 884 233. 

Images: UNICEF

This is a sponsored article produced in partnership with UNICEF.

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