Stir–fries do not have to be complicated, with numerous ingredients, as this simple recipe shows. Here strips of pork tenderloin are marinated then stir–fried with bok choy, allowing the flavours [...]
Tangy tamarind and lemongrass infuse a Thai–inspired sauce for tender strips of beef and fine rice noodles. With fresh greens and baby corn adding the all–important vegetable balance, this is a [...]
This is a deliciously different way to serve kidneys – tossed with Chinese egg noodles and a medley of tender Asian vegetables in a garlic and black bean sauce. If you love strong flavours, it's [...]
Stir–frying asparagus, rather than boiling it, preserves the water–soluble vitamins, including folate, and adds a little extra crunch. Flavoured with sesame seeds and garlic, this simple and easy [...]
Red chillies are a great source of beta–carotene and vitamin C. You can spice this dish up a little by leaving the seeds in the chilli – chillies contain most of their heat in the seeds and membrane.
There's no cooking method that's faster or easier than stir–frying. You'll love blending these fresh green vegetables with chicken (or with meat, fish or tofu) for a fast stir–fry, and then [...]
Stir–fries do not have to be complicated, as this simple recipe shows. Here strips of pork fillet are briefly marinated, then stir–fried with green vegetables. Nutritious egg noodles [...]
Once all the vegetables and the sauce have been prepared, this stir–fry can be cooked in mere minutes. It is an ideal quick midweek meal, packed with ingredients that not only taste good [...]
A selection of ground and whole spices, and a hint of coconut, flavour the mixed vegetables in this contemporary curry, which is cooked in stages so that all the individual tastes remain distinct [...]
Here, strips of duck are stir–fried in the Chinese fashion, with onions, water chestnuts, bok choy, bean sprouts and – a sweet touch – fresh pear. Very little oil is needed for [...]
There's no need to go out to eat when special dishes such as this are so easy to prepare at home. Black spaghetti coloured with squid ink, available from delicatessens and larger supermarkets, [...]

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