The Jaspa 3 hearing aid was originally developed as a ‘back-up’ digital hearing aid for audiology clientele, whose current pair of hearing aids were either in for repair or servicing, or had been lost. Designed as a broad-prescription hearing aid, audiology clientele could simply pick up the Jaspa 3 hearing aid across the counter, or have it sent directly to them, without the need for a hearing test or even an appointment.

The surprise came when the majority of those who used the Jaspa 3 hearing aid were extremely reluctant to return it to the clinic, even after their more expensive hearing aids had been repaired and were ready to be collected. The Found Hearing representative said,

“We found that because customers were able to select and control the sound to match their own hearing preferences, as well as select a program that suited their type of hearing loss, many customers were able to adjust the aid to how they like to uniquely hear sound. As a result, wearers of the Jaspa 3 hearing aid were able to eradicate many of the bothering effects they had experienced with their regular more expensive hearing aids, such as tinniness, echo, and background noise. They were also able to adjust the volume to suit their individual preference.”

Following initial feedback provided by clientele on the benefits of using the Jaspa 3 compared to their expensive devices, the Jaspa 3 aid was developed further, and now includes additional features that rival technology found in some of the most expensive hearing aids available.

The Jaspa 3 hearing aid works off a fully digital microchip and incorporates wide dynamic range compression, feedback cancellation, automatic noise reduction and speech enhancement across 12 bands. The Found Hearing representative said;

“We now have many customers who report better outcomes with their Jaspa 3 aids than the hearing aids that they have spent thousands of dollars on.”

The Jaspa 3 hearing aid is suitable for mild to severe hearing loss and has a simple to use volume and program control on the device itself. The Jaspa 3 offers access to 4 programs and 10 volume levels. It is a broad prescription device, meaning it will work for various types of hearing loss, from mild to severe loss, without the need for a hearing test or appointment. The style is a discreet ‘behind-the-ear’ open fit design, that the majority of hearing aid wearers are already accustomed to inserting and managing. It takes a standard 312 hearing aid battery.

The Jaspa 3 hearing aid can be ordered online at or over the phone on 1300 240 114. The Jaspa 3 is $429 per aid, and includes Free Delivery anywhere in Australia. No hearing test or appointments are required and it comes with a 30-day money back guarantee.

This is a sponsored article produced in partnership with Found Hearing.

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