Explore the produce aisles

Explore the produce aisles

There is an abundance of colourful fruits and vegetables – and some may be new to you. “There is more to a plant-based diet than salads and baked potatoes,” says registered dietitian Rebecca Lewis. “Think of it as a fun game: if you like potatoes, give artichokes, turnips or parsnips a try. If you like spinach, try swapping it out with Swiss chard or collard greens,” Lewis says. For more of a twist, Lewis recommends venturing into the tropical produce aisle and check out fruits like mangos, kiwis, pineapple, passionfruit, or lychees.

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Pay attention to how you feel

Pay attention to how you feel

One of the most rewarding aspects of adding in more plant-based foods is that you will notice an increase in energy and mood, Lewis says, “Moreover, plants contain a lot of fibre and you may notice that you feel fuller for longer and are less prone to cravings and snacking throughout the day,” Lewis says. “By placing attention on the positive, it becomes motivating and reinforces why you are choosing to add more plant-based foods into your everyday choices.”

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Source: RD.com

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