Australians wanting a simple and affordable hearing solution can now consider the latest broad prescription hearing aid as a viable option that is delivered directly to your home.

Ready to use out of the box, broad prescription hearing aids essentially work for various types of hearing loss by including several different program and volume options within the device itself, allowing those with hearing difficulty to choose the setting that suits their hearing requirements.

The Found Hearing representative said that the Jaspa 3 Hearing Aid, Australia’s first broad prescription hearing aid, has already benefited many Australians with hearing loss.

“We have lots of new hearing aid wearers as well as those who have previously worn hearing aids benefiting from the Jaspa 3. For those who have worn hearing aids before, many customers have found that they have been able to eliminate various frustrations they experienced with their previous hearing aids, such as being able to reduce tinniness and background noise, and obtain a more natural sound quality.”

Customers have found the Jaspa 3 extremely simple to use, with the product ready to use straight out of the box when they receive it. Customers do not need to perform a hearing test or require a consultation to use the device.

Despite being a fraction of the cost of regular expensive devices, the Jaspa 3 hearing aid rivals much of the same technology, including a fully digital microchip, noise reduction technology, a wide dynamic range compression system (to increase the volume of soft sounds, yet keep louder sounds at bay), and a sleek fit design.

Those who have previously worn hearing aids have been the most surprised by the Jaspa 3, as they have been in a position to compare the performance to hearing aids that they have previously spent thousands of dollars on. The Found Hearing representative said;

“Many customers have commented that the Jaspa 3 aid performs better than their previous set of hearing aids. Often these customers are making comparisons to hearing aids that they have spent thousands of dollars on.”

Customers can utilise the Jaspa 3 hearing aid for one or both ears, depending on their requirements, and colour options of beige or grey are available. Health fund rebates are available for eligible customers (contact first if you wish to use your health fund cover).

The Jaspa 3 is $429 per aid and includes free delivery anywhere in Australia. Go to to find out more or order the aids online.

Always read the label. Follow the instructions for use. Seek professional advice if you are concerned about your hearing.

This is a sponsored article produced in partnership with Found Hearing.

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