In the realm of investment, an Oil Palm plantation scheme constitutes a valuable opportunity in the act of diversification of portfolios. We outline three relevant reasons why Malaysia’s platform should be considered.

  1. Favourable Harvest Potential

Malaysia possesses high-quality agronomic land that is highly suitable for Oil Palm cultivation1. In particular, Sabah (East Malaysia) has vast tracts of land with conducive rainfall and sunshine. Such weather conditions are favourable and achieves excellent harvests that are unrivalled across the globe2.

As much as 30 per cent of Malaysia’s Oil Palm Plantations are located in Sabah3. Oil Palm is a resilient crop compared to soya bean and corn4. To date, Sabah constitutes a viable location where high-quality seedlings are produced and displays high yields of Oil Palm Extraction for crop cultivation5. This asset holds a key position in global markets and future emerging markets (i.e. China)6.

  1. Low-Risk, Medium-Length Investment

The participation of a low-risk, medium-length investment mechanism is a viable option to gain access to the lucrative Oil Palm7 industry. In this domain, Oil Palm is a cost-efficient and widely traded edible oil on the global scale of edible oil and fats market8. In addition, Crude Palm Oil (CPO) is a vital commodity which grows in tandem with the world’s population9. Due to the demands of our ever-growing population, the CPO price is projected to grow exponentially10 and this will result in high returns in investment. Such returns are more likely to yield a higher result compared to bank fixed deposits11.

These conditions mean Oil Palm is a viable investment option for people looking for a safe platform in which to invest12.

With the robust structure of the Oil Palm industry, Oil Palm holds a crucial role in providing new versatile businesses14. This is supplemented by relevant areas of practice which includes Oil Palm plantation development, Oil Palm seedling distribution and Collection Centres where the harvest of fresh fruit bunches are used to produce CPO.

  1. Safe and Strategic Investment

The Companies Commission of Malaysia (CCM), has reported and classified that the Oil Palm industry constitutes a safe and strategic platform for investment. This is analysed with a stringent view periodically. In this review, investment companies are required to maintain good governance in their respective operations and plantations to safeguard investors’ interests15.

Further, key industry party/parties and relevant government bodies contribute by conducting extensive research on the Oil Palm Industry. All research and expert advice from the same are shared with the relevant party/parties in the industry. In this regard, the Malaysian government presents its active support in the Oil Palm Industry16.

East West One Group: Sustainable solutions and good returns

In the context of Malaysia’s agricultural sector, the East West One Group (“EWOG”) was established in 2004 with the objective of becoming Asia Pacific’s top-tier dependable Oil Palm Planter’s Scheme opportunity business (“Company/Group”). Our structural ecosystem – consisting of prospective investors, planter’s consultants, and the Company – has significantly contributed to our extensive success in this domain.

EWOG provides and delivers end-to-end services along the value chain, from the initial stage of cultivation to the peak of distribution and collection of fresh fruit bunches. From our leading know-how and long-standing success in the agricultural sector, we successfully extended the Company’s commercial activities to Indonesia in 2014.

This achievement notably streamlined the Company’s services, resulting in the fortification of our product quality and excellence.

Our practice involves the conservation of riparian reserves and forest buffers, which are homes and habitats to Borneo’s diverse flora, fauna, and wildlife. This is aligned with the Company’s adherence to all national and international sustainable development principles. The EWOG Planter’s Scheme has evolved into a cutting-edge financial tool which allows investors to diversify their portfolios by investing in Malaysia’s fast­growing and sustainable Oil Palm production (MSPO) sector.

In conjunction with the expected rise of the usage of Oil Palm in tandem with the growth of the world’s population, EWOG is the first group in Malaysia to operate and manage three Companies Commission of Malaysia-approved Planter’s Schemes under the Interest Scheme Act 2016. This results in the group becoming Malaysia’s leading, largest, and most successful Planter’s Schemes operator and manager, with a total land bank of over 30,000 acres and quarterly fixed contractual returns for a mid-term investment of eight years.

Further, the above allows investors to acquire a fixed-term interest in an Oil Palm plantation and profit from the upside potential of Oil Palm without having to manage the plantation. This constitutes one of Malaysia’s safest investment options. To date, East West One Planter’s Scheme and East West Horizon Planter’s Scheme have paid out 39 and 25 no. of quarterly returns respectively.

In addition to the group’s headquarters in Kota Kinabalu, EWOG maintains marketing offices in Malacca, Penang, Selangor, and Sarawak to serve all investors. Moving forward, EWOG is proud to be a sustainable solutions partner of choice to all investors, planter’s consultants, and industry partners.

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This is a sponsored article written in partnership with East West One Group.


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