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1. The horror of 'Project Sunshine'
1. The horror of 'Project Sunshine'

Laughing at conspiracy theories is good fun – at least until they turn out to be true.

Take the conspiracy surrounding the “Project Sunshine,” for example.

In the wake of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, the U.S. government commenced a major study to measure the effects of nuclear fallout on the human body.

Conspiracy: The government was stealing dead bodies to do radioactive testing.

The truth: The government was stealing parts of dead bodies. Because they needed young tissue, they recruited a worldwide network of agents to find recently deceased babies and children, and then take samples and even limbs – each collected without notification or permission of the more than 1,500 grieving families.

The world only woke up to the the horrific scientic history of Project Sunshine half a century later. But there are still a lot of unexplained mysteries out there.


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