You’ve got your flight and your accommodation booked and now you’re ready to buy travel insurance.

You search for the cheapest one you can find online and – click – you’re all sorted.

But did you read the fine print to make sure that you are adequately covered for any emergencies that can crop up?

Learn from the plight of one Singaporean traveller who posted her story on Facebook to serve as a cautionary tale.

She was going away with a group of friends and unfortunately, their flight was delayed for 24 hours.

While her travel companions managed to claim for the delay through their travel insurance, she didn’t receive any compensation as her insurance provider didn’t cover delays caused by operational issues.

Buying travel insurance is one of those times when you should definitely not skip reading the fine print as you may end up with less protection than you thought.

Check these 4 things off your list when shopping for travel insurance.

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1. Buy insurance as soon as your trip is confirmed
1. Buy insurance as soon as your trip is confirmed
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Many people tend to leave buying travel insurance until the last few days before their trip but that’s not a good idea.

You should buy insurance the moment the trip is confirmed.

Some policies cover you for up to 60 days before the trip starts so you’ll be protected should unforeseen circumstances crop up, such as serious injury to any of the travelling party.

Read the policy’s fine print involving travel delays and trip cancellation, postponement and disruption.


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