It was a week of natural disasters recently when the Philippines and Hong Kong had to deal with Typhoon Mangkhut, and the Carolinas in the USA had to deal with Hurricane Florence.

The storms left a trail of destruction in its wake, as well as deaths and injuries.

If you’d been scheduled to travel to those destinations when the storms were taking place, you may have been anxious trying to decide what to do.

Here’s some advice on the steps you should take if future travel plans become affected by natural disasters such as storms or volcanic eruptions

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1. Has your embassy issued a travel advisory?
1. Has your embassy issued a travel advisory?
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Your country’s Foreign Office may issue a travel notice advising that non-essential travel to the affected area should be postponed.

For example, if you have a family emergency, you may still consider going ahead with the journey, but if it’s for a holiday, you should postpone your trip, or look for alternative destinations.

If safety is a priority when you travel, you might want to keep these destinations at the top of your list.


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