Going off the grid

If you’re looking to “switch off” from the demands of high-tech while on holiday, an off-the-grid break might interest you.

Disconnecting from smartphones and the internet needn’t be traumatic, even though, according to one survey, separation anxiety affects around 11% of travellers. Rather, it could be the start of a genuine travel experience – and one that won’t leave you feeling disconnected. A study by the University of Wollongong found that technology-free destinations allow tourists to “live in the moment” and experience their holiday first-hand rather than through a screen.

Apart from leaving gadgets and rechargers in the drawer at home, going tech-free involves some planning. Here are some tips:


1. Facebook and Instagram

2. Google Maps

3. Digital cameras

4. Emails


1. Strike up a conversation with locals – ask them where to find the best cafés and restaurants.

2. Pull out a paper map. Write things on it, check out landmarks and get a better perspective of where you are.

3. Use a manual camera with a roll of film. This will encourage you to consider every shot, taking time to plan the composition and light.

4. Snail mail. Buy postcards and writing paper and take the time to give your measured account of how the holiday is unfolding.

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