Tent Commandments

1. Rubber bands: when you’re travelling on rough roads anything that can pop open, unwind or unravel will. Almost everything in your food box and many other essentials, including the toilet paper roll, should have a rubber band around it.

2. Sandwich bags: store your food, leftovers and anything that might spill or shake open in a resealable sandwich bag. They occupy less room than plastic containers and protect against spills.

3. Doormat: a door mat outside the tent or caravan door can make camp life much simpler and cleaner, especially if you’re camping near the beach or in the bush.

4. Refillable spray bottle: water is often a scarce commodity while camping. Keep a spray bottle of water for quick clean-ups and hand washing. You’ll be amazed at how much water you save.

5. Foam mats: slide these under the tent floor to protect your feet from rocky ground or use them as a shower floor when bush camping.

6. Wet wipes: perfect for clean-ups on the go. They are also handy for cleaning up picnic lunch utensils.

7. Pegs: aside from pegging up wet clothes, they are also great for securing items around the campsite.

8. Ocky cords: these stretchy elastic ropes with hooks at each end can help tie down your tent in a windstorm, secure items in the back of the car or on the roof rack and be strung together to form a clothes line.

9. Gaffer tape: there’s not much that can’t be fixed or held firmly in place with some gaffer tape.

10. Soft-sided bucket: they make great camp kitchen sinks and are light and easy to carry even when full.

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