Gingerbread Man

4 Fascinating Things Your Holiday Eating Habits Say About You

By Kelsey Kloss

According to science, everything from how you eat a gingerbread man to what type of wine you drink during holiday parties reveals something about you.

1. If you: Chomp off the head of the gingerbread man first

It means: You’re a leader

Yes, someone actually “studied” this: If you munch on a gingerbread man’s head first, you’re a natural-born leader, according to an informal analysis by Alan Hirsch, MD, of the Smell & Taste Treatment and Research Foundation in Chicago. Start with the legs? You’re sensitive. Bite on the left arm first, you’re creative; go for the right, you may be pessimistic.

2. If you: Bake spiced cookies

It means: You probably like to watch action movies

A Food Quality and Preference study found that people who enjoy action movies and exploration were about six times more likely to enjoy spicy treats than people with more “vanilla” preferences. Related research has found that while women who like spice are drawn to the sensation, men may associate it with a tough-guy ability to withstand the burn.

3. If you: Drink white wine

It means: You probably drink more

White wine drinkers pour 9.2 percent more vino into their glasses than do red wine drinkers, according to an Iowa State University and Cornell University study. This could be because clear wine gives the illusion that there is less in a glass.

4. If you: Opt for tart cranberry sauce

It means: You may feel judgmental

Had a taste of a pucker-worthy food? You might be extra critical when your cousin nabs the last slice of pie. In a Psychological Science study, people given a bitter beverage to drink made harsher judgments on individuals in questionable moral situations (like a student stealing library books) than those given a sweet beverage or water.

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