Complex carbohydrates contains lots of fibre.

Fibre, simply put, is the stuff in plants that your body can’t digest. It’s the husks on the grains and the stringy threads in celery.

So what’s so good about fibre?

Insoluble fibre (found, for example, in wholegrain cereals and in the skin on potatoes) is bulky and absorbs water, so it fills you up fast.

It also slows down digestion, prolonging feelings of fullness, which can help in maintaining a healthy weight.

Insoluble fibre also binds together waste, keeping your bowels regular.

Soluble fibre (such as that found in beans and lentils) has been shown to help to reduce cholesterol in your blood, protecting your heart.

It also helps to keep blood glucose levels steady.

Fibre is not the only beneficial constituent of complex carbohydrates.

Compelling research suggests that eating the right vegetables, whole grains and beans every day may play a role in preventing disease.

For instance, eating oats and some soy products may reduce cholesterol.

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