Renting a Bali villa – the ultimate holiday getaway
Bali Villa Escapes

Whether you’re a long-time devotee or first-time visitor, the abundance of riches Bali has to offer is no secret. From its incredible natural wonders – glorious surf beaches, dramatic mountains and waterfalls, serene rice fields and ancient rainforests – to its cultural smorgasbord of temples, exotic rituals and warm hospitality, a visit to Bali is only further enhanced by its thriving nightlife, shopping and market culture and ample opportunity for rest and relaxation via day spas and wellness classes.

Often the most challenging part of any holiday is finding the perfect place to stay. When it comes to Bali, more and more discerning travellers are discovering that renting your own villa is the most superior option. Whether you’re travelling with family, friends or a large group – perhaps even a wedding party – the benefits of a Bali villa are hard to beat.

Offering an authentic Balinese experience that’s virtually impossible to find at a hotel or resort, by renting a private villa, guests can immerse themselves fully in the country’s culture, architecture and people, while enjoying privacy, space and luxury that outrivals even the most exclusive resorts.

Luxury, space and privacy

Just imagine, being picked up from the airport free of charge and transported to your own expansive and lavishly appointed residence with a bedroom for all, a stunning private pool, and your own staff on hand to cook, clean, or organise baby-sitters, excursions or transportation. You’ll benefit from all the latest modern amenities, beautiful Indonesian design and décor and lush tropical gardens, while experiencing all the comfort and informality of your own private home.

When considered alongside a hotel, with its compact rooms, shared facilities and multiple rooms required for larger groups, there’s really no comparison.

Of course, with so many beautiful villas on offer, travellers – especially newbies to Bali or villa accommodation – can wonder where to start. And quite simply, there’s only one place – Bali Villa Escapes.

Bali Villa Escapes has been in business for well over 15 years and has an extensive range of senior and family-friendly villas to choose from in Bali’s favourite regions, whether you’re seeking the action of beachside Seminyak or Legian, the relaxed vibe of Canggu or the mystical mountainous region of Ubud.

What really separates them from other websites is that you pay in Australian dollars, so you don’t have to worry about currency fluctuations. There’s an office in Sydney open seven days a week that you can call while planning your holiday to get advice about where to stay in Bali and what type of villa you should be getting – the team has personally inspected every single one! It’s an invaluable resource for those new to renting Bali villas, who need a friendly knowledgeable person to chat to about their options. Once you’re on holiday, you can be secure in the knowledge that there is also a team on the ground in Bali who will be able to assist with your every need.

A better way to book a Bali villa

Bali Villa Escapes was born when Nathan Ryan decided there had to be a better way to book Bali villas. Nathan is a real estate expert, being an industry leader in holiday villa rentals and sales in Bali for well over a decade.

Noting that the normal Bali villa booking process was clunky and laborious, involving extensive trawling through hundreds of listings, they created Bali Villas Escapes to streamline the booking process.

With their list of properties growing from 30 in 2005 to a huge network of 925 villas in Seminyak, Canggu, Uluwatu, Legian and other prime tourist spots around Bali in 2019 – not to mention many happy return customers – Bali Villas Escapes have obviously succeeded in their goals.

Online, you can search via location, price and number of bedrooms, where you’ll find a range of villas on offer complete with stunning photos and detailed descriptions. The reservations team can match the perfect villa to each customer’s individual requirements and budgets – often at a much cheaper rate than competitor websites. They can also arrange in-house staff who are fully trained to cater for your every need, with most villas including their own security personnel, housekeepers, a private pool and, in some cases, a private chef to prepare your favourite meal or share with you unforgettable Indonesian meals such as nasi goreng and mouth-watering satays.

All the villas at Bali Villas Escapes are exclusively managed by the team at Bali Realty – one of the biggest rental agencies of holiday villas in Bali who have been providing this service for over 13 years. As they only work with the true owners or managing agents of the villas, they can 100% guarantee that all the villas are genuine and that what you see is what you get – even offering a “money back guarantee” if there are any issues or discrepancies.

With no hidden costs, charges or booking fees, you can relax in the fact that you can secure your dream Bali rental with no scams, no hassles and no nasty surprises.

So, if you’ve dreamt of a getaway in which you can enjoy an authentic Indonesian experience in the luxury, space and privacy of your own residence, talk to the team at Bali Villa Escapes, who are more than happy to advise and help you plan your Bali villa accommodation.

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