Consider delivery or pick-up

Consider delivery or pick-up

As the situation progresses, it may be worth it to see if your supermarket will deliver or allow for an in-store pick-up. This is one of the best ways to reduce your risk is to avoid entering the store altogether, notes Dr Larkin. “Ask your delivery person to leave the groceries outside your door, or if picking up in the store parking lot, leave the trolley at your boot so you can load them without interacting directly,” she adds.

Clean packaging and fresh produce

Clean packaging and fresh produce
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Dr Larkin recommends rinsing your produce just as you would normally to remove any soil or debris. “If you wish to wipe down jars, tins and bottles before putting away, you can do so with a disinfectant wipe,” she adds. “You should also wash your hands after handling any products during feed preparation to be extra cautious about avoiding contamination.”

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