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Famous Buddhist temple near Yogyakarta in Java, Indonesia Photo: Thinkstock


1. What is the title of the second book in the Millennium trilogy by Stieg Larsson? 1 point

2. Where on the human body would you find Schlemm’s canal? 2 points

3. Olof Palme, assassinated in 1986, was prime minister of which country? 2 points

4. A maillot is a: a) type of mustard; b) hand movement in classical ballet; c) tight-fitting, one-piece swimsuit; d) small school of fish? 1 point

5. Which country is home to Grolsch lager? 2 points

6. Which accomplished New Zealand actor said of his 1994 guest appearance on The Simpsons: "I'm playing a cat burglar. I've made it. This is the high point of my career"? 1 point

7. Does a tamarin have seeds, scales or fur? 1 point

8. How many players are on a basketball court during a match? 1 point

9. Who composed the opera Tosca? a) Puccini; b) Verdi; c) Mozart; d) Rossini 1 point

10. Name two of the five London Underground stations with “Cross” in their name. 2 points

11. Name the ship Charles Darwin was travelling on when he visited New Zealaned in 1835. 2 points

12. What is the name of the famous Buddhist temple near Yogyakarta in Java, Indonesia? 1 point

13. Which philosopher once said, “Wise men speak because they have something to say; fools because they have to say something.”? 2 points

14. Who directed the Godfather movies? 1 point


17-20 Gold medal 13-16 Silver medal 8-12 Bronze medal 0-7 Wooden spoon

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