Most Visited Cities in the World

Asian cities dominate the list, but London is most popular.

Most Visited Cities in the World

Whether you want to follow the crowds or know where to avoid them, each year the MasterCard Global Destinations Cities Index highlights the places around the world that are projected to have the most visitors. Here are its top ten ranked cities for visitor arrivals in 2015:

The top three cities for visitor spending are London (US$20.2billion), New York (US$17.4billion) and Paris (US$16.6billion).

  1. London – 18.82 million
  2. Bangkok – 18.24 million
  3. Paris – 16.06 million visitors
  4. Dubai – 14.26 million visitors
  5. Istanbul – 12.56 million visitors
  6. New York – 12.27 million visitors
  7. Singapore – 11.88 million visitors
  8. Kuala Lumpur – 11.12 million visitors
  9. Seoul – 10.35 million visitors
  10. Hong Kong – 8.66 million visitors

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