The Real-life Locations of Downton Abbey

By Kat Tancock


The Real-life Locations of Downton Abbey
photo: Highclere Castle, Hampshire, by Getty Images

Welcome to Highclere Castle, Hampshire (pictured), Downton Abbey’s real-life alter ego.
Wander through the noble estate and see where ‘upstairs’ scenes are shot – among others, the bedrooms of the Countess of Grantham, and Lady Edith and Lady Sybil, plus the guest room that housed the ill-fated Turkish diplomat and sex god. Tour the castle’s extensive grounds, the site of many intense walk-and-talks and one particularly awkward garden party.

Victoria and Albert Museum, London
Downton Abbey is worth watching for the fashion alone. History is told through shifting hemlines as the costumes move from Edwardian formal wear to the austerity of wartime, towards the free-wheeling frocks of the 20s. Check out the best fashion from Downton Abbey’s eras at the V&A.

Bampton Village, Oxfordshire
Half an hour from Oxford, historical Bampton stands in for Downton Village, home to the show’s church, post office and hospital. The library doubles as purveyor of walking guides and the obligatory souvenir mugs.

West Wycombe Park, Buckinghamshire
This stately Palladian house plays the role of home of Lady Rosamund, aunt to the Grantham girls and their main confidante. The drawing room has hosted many dramatic scenes.

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