Great Holiday Gifts for Globetrotters

By Kat Tancock

Travellers will delight in these thoughtful accessories.

Great Holiday Gifts for Globetrotters
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Travel-size products help you pack lighter and get through airport security, but they also give you a chance to sample new skincare ranges. When considering gift ideas, look for ones among the luxury end that have an exfoliating cleanser, SPF moisturiser, as well as an eye cream and a cleanser.

Noise-Cancelling Earphones
A good pair of noise-cancelling earphones will save your ears by blocking outside noise rather than just cranking up the volume, and save your sanity by tuning out aeroplane hum, loud chatter and other distracting noises. Over-the-ear styles can cut at least 90 per cent of environmental noise, and also come with a carrying case.

Portable Speakers
If you’re travelling with a laptop or iPad, compact portable speakers can make rainy-day movie time that much more enjoyable; if you’ve got your MP3 player, they can come in handy to play music or even white noise to help you sleep. Choose a model that runs via Bluetooth, has a built-in rechargeable battery and a decent sound quality.

Travel Towel
Impromptu swims, getting caught in a downpour... there’s more than one reason a spare towel in your suitcase can come in handy. Aim for a super lightweight and easy-to-dry towel, preferably made of microfibre that can absorb four times its weight in water and then get almost dry once you wring it out. Also ask whether the towel is treated with an antimicrobial agent so it won’t get stinky.

Water Purifier
While many resorts and camping sites around the world are installing water purifiers to make the local supply safe to drink, others still rely on bottled water, which has a huge carbon footprint. Save the hassle by gifting a water bottle with built-in UV filter, which removes harmful elements in 60 seconds.

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