28th Macao International Fireworks Display Contest

Sponsored By Macao Tourism

Held above the sea area opposite Macao Tower on September 3, 10, 15 and 24 and October 1, the 28th Macao International Fireworks Display Contest will feature ten competing teams ready to dazzle the skyline with spectacular fireworks displays that bring out a special theme across five scheduled evenings.

28th Macao International Fireworks Display Contest
Macao International Fireworks Display Contest

The themes of the five fireworks nights include “Pyro Fantasia”, “Tribute to Bond”, “Mid-Autumn Harmony”, “Stars from afar” and “Celebration in the Sky”. 

The Macao International Fireworks Display Contest is organised by Macao Government Tourism Office (MGTO). For almost 30 years the event has drawn a multitude of visiting spectators to Macao, and many prominent fireworks companies have come from across the globe to grace the contest over that time.

Macao International Fireworks Display Contest
Spectacular Fireworks at the foot of Macau Tower

Outstanding fireworks teams 

The Fireworks Display Contest has pit a range of globally acclaimed pyrotechnic companies against each other over the past editions, and without exception features a strong line-up of competitors this year. The total of ten teams from different countries that are appearing will compete in the following order: Thailand, Portugal, the United Kingdom, Switzerland, Japan, Korea, Italy, Canada, Romania and China. Making their debut this year are the teams from Canada and Romania. The Japanese and Korean teams will present their fireworks shows on September 15, the Mid-Autumn Festival, while the teams from Romania and China will come on stage on October 1, the National Day of China.

The Canadian team, Feu d’artifice Orion, was established in 1999 and stages more than 80 fireworks shows over the province of Québec and the world annually, including various displays in celebration of Québec’s National Holiday and Canada Day; in 2015, the company won the first prize in the World Championship Blackpool England.

The Romanian team, Pyro-Technic Transilvania Ltd., was founded in 1998 and organises over 250 fireworks shows for major festivities and prestigious sports events in Romania every year; in 2006, the company won the championship in the Romanian National Fireworks Contest. 

The other eight teams have all shined in the contest in Macao before, with several of them ranking among the top three. Based in Portugal, Macedos Pirotecnia, Lda joined the contest four times in the past and won the first prize in the 12th edition; boasting over 80 years’ pyrotechnic experience, the Portuguese company once presented the then biggest fireworks display in the world for New Year's Eve on Madeira Island in 2006, an achievement recognised by the Guinness World Records, and held the record until 2012.

Second-prize winner in the 12th Macao International Fireworks Display Contest, the British company Pyro 2000 Ltd. stages fireworks displays in the world-famous Royal Edinburgh Military Tattoo in Scotland each year. Specialised in orchestrating fireworks displays to live music performance, Pyro 2000 Ltd. is among the key players of musical fireworks displays in the United Kingdom.

Established in Switzerland in 1967, SUGYP SA brings on over 250 fireworks shows across Switzerland and the world every year, and won third prize in the 25th Macao International Fireworks Display Contest.

Coming from Japan, Marutamaya Ogatsu Fireworks Co., Ltd. won the first and third prizes in the 5th and 19th editions of the contest in Macao. Taking pride in its over 150 years’ experience in pyrotechnics, the Japanese company is set to enthrall its audience with unforgettable fireworks displays in “Edo-Tokyo style”, which combines modern innovation of Tokyo and traditional techniques of pyrotechnic craft dating from the Edo period in Japanese history.

Based in Hunan Province, famed as the “Hometown of firecrackers” in China, Hunan Jingtai Fireworks Co., Inc. has been manufacturing fireworks for over three decades and exporting its products to Asia, Europe, North America and other parts of the world. Taking the Macao contest’s championship back home in 2014, the company now returns to compete against the other teams. 

For the rest of the teams, Thailand Fireworks, Daehan Fireworks Co. from Korea and Orzella Fireworks from Italy have all appeared in the Macao contest before, acquitting themselves well and hoping to improve and outshine their rivals. 

Macao International Fireworks Display Contest
Tune in to local Macao radio and TV for choreographed music

Music and laser light effects 

This year, MGTO has again requested the teams to choreograph their fireworks displays to both music and laser light projections, not only to bring out their display’s theme and character but also to present a light and sound spectacular. Spectators can enjoy the fireworks shows live broadcast on local TDM – Macao TV Channel, with their background music streaming from TDM - Radio Macao's Chinese Channel (FM 100.7) as well every scheduled evening.

Macao International Fireworks Display Contest
Spectators line the shore to soak up the sights and sounds

Side activities bring a lively vibe 

Each year MGTO strives to organize a variety of vibrant partnership events and activities to encourage participation among residents, and will once again join with the General Union of Neighbors Association of Macao to present the Fireworks Carnival, filling the event with fun and colourful dimensions. In 2015, the five-day carnival welcomed in excess of 77,000 participants. 

This year, residents and visitors can choose to enjoy the fireworks at “Anim’Arte Nam Van”, the new landmark for leisure, culture and creativity in town, while relishing gourmet delights served at the cafe. It is also a place where visitors can enjoy different artistic performances with unique colour, with the craft market alongside cultural and creative shops to stroll around for a relaxing evening. 

For more information on this fantastic, colourful and vibrant annual cultural event, visit www.fireworks.macaotourism.gov.mo


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