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This year heralds the start of a new chapter

Babies born in the 15 years from 2010 will be known as Generation Alpha. And they’re set to be the largest generation yet, as we experience a birthrate spike larger than the post-WWII baby boom. According to social researcher Mark McCrindle, the name was selected because, just as in science, once the Latin alphabet was exhausted they moved on to Greek letters. “This generation is likely to be the most formally educated in history. They will begin schooling earlier and study for longer.” Brought up in an era of information overload, they are expected to be even more tech-savvy and materialistic than their predecessors, Gen Z – a frightening thought.


BUILDERS: 1920-1945 The Great Depression and World War II produced a generation with a strong work ethic, financial conservatism and respect for authority.

BABY BOOMERS: 1946-1964 Born in an era of financial prosperity, they are vocal on social issues and liberal in outlook.

GENERATION X: 1965-1979 Cynical about authority and open to new forms of spirituality, but insecure about their financial future.

GENERATION Y: 1980-1994 Labelled as flighty and transient, they are known as the “me now” generation.

GENERATION Z: 1995-2009 Tech-savvy, creative, confident and with a strong work ethic – the result of more mature parents and the economic downturn.


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