Essential Safety Gear

There’s no denying DIY can cause bodily harm with 67% of injuries happening during general home maintenance and 20% while gardening, says the Monash University Accident Centre. Keep the workshop tidy to avoid tripping, bumping or dropping tools. Ensure ...

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9 tips for safe chainsawing
 Only use a chainsaw when you are fully alert and not distracted.Wear full safety gear.Fill...
Spaghetti alla Bolognese
This is a lower-fat version of a pasta classic, a full-flavoured meat sauce tossed with strands of...
Turkey Meatballs in Tomato Sauce
Made with turkey mince, these tender meatballs provide protein without the baggage of saturated fat....
Salmon burgers recipe
When making your own burger patties, consider fish as a tasty and healthy alternative to beef, lamb...

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Choose the right spanner or wrench2
 Know the differences between various spanners and wrenches so you pick the right one for for the job.
Top safety gear2
Avoid the dark side of DIY with protective equipment.
Guide to tablesaw crosscutting1
Use this essential skill to prepare straight timber for assembling jobs accurately
How to use a claw hammer1
A claw hammer will drive all but the smallest nails with ease, and its claw will extract nails that are misaligned or bent while being driven in. Hold it near the end of the handle and watch the hammerhead to make sure that it strikes the nail head squarely.
How to use a pin hammer1
A pin hammer is easier to handle when driving small panel pins, tacks, upholstery nails and glazing sprigs (used to hold glass panes in wooden window frames).
How to use a planer1
Shape up by shaving layers of timber using this classic hand-held power tool
About Drill Bits1
Drill bits are cutting tools that create holes, held in the drill by the chuck
Choosing the right adhesive for laying flooring1
Overlaying subfloors of concrete, timber, particleboard or fibre cement with a range of flooring, from carpet to cork, requires specialised adhesives developed to bond with the specific materials.
Fixes and tips for outdoor power tools1
  Fixes and tips for leaf blowers, chippers, shredders, chain saws and line trimmers.
Types of Pasta1
Once you know the basics of pasta identification, it will be easy to choose from the huge variety on offer. In general, the thinner pasta shapes suit lighter sauces while the grooves of larger pasta shapes are perfect for capturing delicious morsels of more chunky sauces.
11-20 of 68 items

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