8 cat breeds with the friendliest personalities

Every cat lover knows the stereotype: Cats are aloof, indifferent, and moody. But there are some breeds that are known in the animal-loving community for being more social and affectionate. These are the cat breeds that experts say make the friendliest pets.

2. Burmese
2. Burmese
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A majestic-looking feline originally from southeast Asia, the Burmese is a great choice if you want a cat that’ll cuddle up in your lap.

Relatively small in size but often stocky, these friendly cat breeds love curling up for a snuggle, and they have no problem letting their humans know when they want attention.

“Burmese cats are exceptionally affectionate,” says Bruce Silverman, VMD, a practicing vet at Chicago’s Village West Veterinary.

“This has actually been very consistent with the Burmese during their vet visits.”
Got an issue with your feline friend? There’s a good chance you’re part of the problem.


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