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No. 1: Firefighters

“People trust those who come to their aid. Firefighters provide rapid, willing and impartial assistance, whether it’s a fire, flood, rescue, cardiac arrest or other emergency. All 8000 volunteer firefighters and 1600 career firefighters in NZ take their role, and the trust of their communities, very seriously.”
New Zealand Fire Service
For eight consecutive years, firefighters have held the title of New Zealand’s Most Trusted Profession. The poll’s top six professions – firefighters, paramedics, rescue volunteers, nurses, pilots and doctors – all have our lives in their hands, but only firefighters and rescue volunteers risk their own lives, too. It’s a result that shows our appreciation, but it doesn’t surprise Christchurch firefighter Steve Warner: “I feel very proud that the poll shows once again that we’re the most trusted. I think the concept of service, rather than just performing a job, is what drives that trust.”

Reader's Digest Trust Poll 2012 Professions

1. Firefighters
2. Paramedics
3. rescue volunteers
4. Nurses
5. Pilots
6. Doctors
7. Pharmacists
8. Veterinarians
9. Armed forces
10. Police
11. teachers
12. scientists
13. Childcare workers
14. farmers
15. Dentists
16. Bus/train/tram drivers
17. Chefs
18. hairdressers
19. Builders
20. Plumbers
21. Mechanics
22. truck drivers
23. Waiters
24. shop assistants
25. Accountants
26. Bankers
27. Charity collectors
28. Lawyers
29. religious ministers
30. taxi drivers
31. financial planners
32. Call centre operators
33. Chief executive
34. Journalists
35. real estate agents
36. insurance salespeople
37. sex workers
38. Car salespeople
39. Door-to-door
40. telemarketers

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A.Gloria on 31 August 2012 ,00:03

I can be trusted - only I first have to find my profession!

Karen Boyes on 25 June 2012 ,21:23

I'm deeply saddened by this list - Teachers at number 11? Teachers make every profession possible - surely the 1000's of parents send their kids to school each day trust teachers? Maybe it is not a glamour profession... however I believe it is the most important profession on this planet - where would you be without the teachers you have had?

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