Prevent World War Three At Your Christmas Dinner With These 8 Life Hacks

Don’t see eye to eye with family members on a hot-button issue? Relationship and wellness expert Deepak Kashyap shares tips on how to prevent your holiday dinner from descending into a heated political debate.

Prevent World War Three At Your Holiday Dinner With These 8 Life Hacks
Getting the family together for holiday dinner can be fun and festive—but it can also be fraught with tension.

No matter where you fall on the political spectrum, chances are, you’ll find yourself at odds with the views held by some (or all!) of your family members over the holidays.

These political differences can actually strain your relationships to the point that you begin to dread - or even avoid - getting together for the annual holiday dinner.

Before things reach that stage, try these simple strategies for defusing political tensions at the holiday dinner table—and even beyond.
1. Focus on the reason you’re together
1. Focus on the reason you’re together
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Don’t lose the sight of the reason why the family has come together for holiday dinner. You’re here to party, not to persuade.

If a political argument erupts, try reiterating the need for gratitude and celebration: it’s not every day you’re surrounded by people who share not only a common history, but also love for each other—and love doesn’t always require you to be in agreement.

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