The 10 Most Common Weight Loss Tips You Should Ignore

It's time to reconsider everything you once held true about dieting.

The Most Common Weight Loss Tips You Should Ignore

Health experts debunk the most commonly believed weight loss myths.

1. Don’t lose weight quickly
1. Weight loss myth: Don’t lose weight quickly

Many experts have chided that losing weight too fast means you won’t keep off the pounds over time.

“Yet it’s not true,” says David Allison, PhD, director of the Nutrition Obesity Research Center at the University of Alabama at Birmingham (UAB).

“In clinical trials, rapid initial weight loss is associated with lower body mass long-term.”

For example, a University of Florida study compared people who lost weight quickly (one and a half pounds a week for the first month), slowly (half a pound a week), and moderately (somewhere between these two amounts).

Participants in the fast–weight-loss group lost more weight overall and were five times more likely to have kept it off 18 months later than those in the slow group.

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