How to Defuse Anger

Anger can increase harmful blood cholesterol levels and suppress your immune system – it may even give you a heart attack. So what can you do to turn down the heat?

How to Defuse Anger

Take three deep breaths

Breathing deeply helps you release tension and lower your feelings of internal anger.

Don’t punch a pillow

Studies have found that, far from helping, hitting something only serves to increase your hostility.

Remember, whoever loses it, loses

Losing your temper makes you look like the bad guy, no matter who’s at fault. Visualise a scene in which you got angry and replay the "tape" several times, each time imagining yourself responding in a different way. That will give you new options for dealing with tricky situations.

Picture a red stop sign in your mind

Alternatively, wear a rubber band on your wrist and snap it when you find your anger beginning to boil. Then take a few minutes to put the issue into perspective.

Don’t get mad, get active

Jump on your bike and go for a ride or attack the weeds in your garden. Vigorous activity helps dissipate anger.

Change the tempo

When you feel yourself getting riled, turn to your favourite music and tune out the aggro.

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