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1. Got a puncture? Many modern cars carry only a pressure pack or a ‘temporary-use spare tyre’ (also known as a space-saver spare). A puncture repair pressure pack will give you a temporary repair so you won’t have to double park or stop on the side of a busy road for an extended time. It should get you on your way again quickly, without having to wait for roadside assistance, but it’s not a permanent solution.

2. Try tyre puncture first aid: park your car, remove the nail (if that’s the problem), screw the end of a rubber mousse spray can (available from automotive outlets) onto the valve and inject the mousse – you may need two cans for a big car. The hole will be sealed and the tyre reinflated.

3. If you use rubber mousse, start driving again as soon as you can so that the mousse is evenly spread. However, be aware that you can only drive for about 30 km and the maximum recommended speed is 80 km per hour.

4. Whatever emergency measures you use, head for the nearest garage or tyre repair specialist and have the necessary repairs made as soon as possible. Emergency measures are temporary fixes only.

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