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Christmas trivia Photo: iStock Photos

1. Where in the world is it traditional to hang a decoration shaped like a spider on the Christmas tree?
A. Ukraine
B. Spain
C. Greenland
2. Where in the world can you find Jonkunnu dancers celebrating Christmas?
A. Jamaica 
B. Philippines
C. Argentina
D. New Zealand
3. Where in the world do celebrants wish each other a Joyeux Noel at Christmas time?
A. France
B. Spain
C. Russia
D. Serbia
4. Where in the world will you find turron served as a Christmas treat?
A. Portugal
B. Spain
C. Carribean
D. Canada
5. Where in the world was mistle toe first hung as a Christmas decoration?
A. Britain
B. United States
C. Canada
D. Spain
6. Where in the world does Santa Claus really live according to U.S. tradition?
A. Florida
B. Australia
C. South Pole
D. North Pole
7. Where in the world does St. Nicholas deliver presents to children on the 5th of December?
A. Ireland
B. France
C. Holland
D. Switzerland
8. Where in the world do jólasveinarnir, or “Christmas Lads,” deliver presents?
A. Iceland
B. Sweden
C. Denmark
D. Norway
9. Where in the world does the Christkind deliver gifts at Christmas?
A. Britain
B. Bulgaria
C. Poland
D. Germany
10. Where in the world is the traditional Christmas meal known as Wigilia?
A. Russia
B. Poland
D. Turkey
11. Where in the world do they eat lentils during the holiday season to ensure luck and wealth for the following year?
A. Mexico
B. Italy
C. Australia
D. France
12. Where in the world is it traditional to leave out mince pies and Guinness Ale as a snack for Santa?
A. England
B. Iceland
C. Ireland
D. Germany
13. Where in the world do they refer to Santa Claus as Papai Noel?
A. Mexico
B. Spain
C. Brazil
D. Norway
14. Where in the world do children leave their shoes (filled with carrots and treats!) by the fire on Christmas Eve for a gift from “Père Noel.”
A. Brazil
B. Greece
C. France
D. Italy
15. Where in the world is the official Christmas gift giver The Three Kings??
A. Spain
B. Italy
C. Thailand
16. Where in the world does Babouschka bring gifts to children?
A. Czech Republic
B. Russia
C. The Netherlands
D. Spain
17. Where in the world is Santa Claus referred to as Kanakaloka?
A.  France
B.  Belgium
C.  Greece
D. Hawaii
18. Where in the world do children receive gifts from La Befana during Christmas?
A. Italy
B. England
C. France
D. Spain
19. Where in the world are children’s presents left next to their pillow on Christmas night?
A. Norway
B. Finland
C. Japan
D. Russia
20. Where in the world is it traditional for children to decorate their Christmas lists with pictures and then leave them on the windowsill overnight?
A. France
B. Italy
C. Germany
D. Sweden

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