The layout of the slope may suggest two flights of steps at right angles, with a landing in between. On a long flight, make a landing after about every ten steps to provide a resting place. On flights with high, loose soil at the sides, you will need to build low brick retaining walls.
The instructions given here are for steps built with brick risers and concrete paving slab treads, but the method is similar whatever material you use.

String and pegs; 5m steel tape measure; long length of timber; spirit level; builder’s square; spade; lump hammer; brick trowel; mortar mixing board; two heavy-duty polythene buckets and shovels (for mixing concrete); short tamping beam; pointing trowel or joining tool; earth rammer; 10mm- thick wooden batten. Possibly also a bolster.

Materials: Roadbase – one barrowload fills about 0.5m2 at 150mm deep; concrete foundation mix; bricks: bricklaying mortar; paving slabs; bedding mortar; water. Possibly also sharp sand. Tools and materials are available from builder’s Warehouse.

Steps built into a slope
The ground is roughly shaped for the treads and risers. The first riser is built on a footing strip, and each following riser on the back of the previous tread. Treads are bedded on roadbase with a built-in drainage slope.

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