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12 February 2013 ,13:53 A recent breakfast: scrambled eggs
I've been playing around with scrambled eggs recently, trying to fit some vegetables into the meal. This was a recent breakfast, where I scrambled the eggs with tomatoes, spices and some fresh herbs. I then served it with a tortilla and some greens on the side.
Next time I'd add less tomato. I used two chopped tomatoes, which just left the eggs a bit soggy - or rather the juices from the tomatoes made the tortilla quite soggy. However one tomato chopped through, with the greens and some spice would be delicious.
Other vegetable filled scrambled eggs I've spotted include Sophie's zucchini flecked version and these Parsi spiced eggs on the BBC website.
13 November 2012 ,10:07 Frittata for lunch on the weekend
I made a frittata for lunch on the weekend. I used a whole bunch of English spinach and added some smoked paprika in with the eggs. 
I then topped the whole thing with dollops of leftover of edamame bean dip / spread, which I'd made at the end of last week. 
It's quite vegetable heavy, but that's how I like my frittatas.
Unconventional? Quite possibly, but still delicious.
Putting some pesto, or dollops of a flavoured dip or spread is something I do quite regularly, particularly if I'm not using cheese.  This adds loads of flavour to the frittata, while also using up the last few spoonfuls of leftover dip.
Highly satisfying.
04 October 2012 ,15:36 Should you eat the whole egg or just the white?
I’m a great admirer of the egg. They’re an excellent package of dense nutrition, easy to use and highly adaptable. In fact, at the moment we're looking after some chickens, for friends, so we're eating plenty of the freshest eggs possible.

Eggs contain protein, along with a plethora of minerals and vitamins, plus even when you're buying free range or organic eggs, you’re getting a lot of nutrition for your money.


The white vs the yolk

Diet books and bodybuilders recommend restricting yourself to the egg white only. But, if you do that you’re missing out on loads of wonderful nutrition.

The egg white is mostly protein and water. However, it's the yolk which contains all the egg’s extra goodness. The yolk is what converts eggs from being a cheap source of protein into something a whole lot more special. Inside that golden yolk is:
  •     calcium
  •     iron
  •     zinc
  •     Vitamin A
  •     carotenoid antioxidants
  •     vitamin B1
So if you just eat the egg white you're missing out on all of these.

What about the fat?

The yolk does contain most of the fat. Concern about saturated fat and cholesterol, has led many to exclude eggs from their diet. However one egg contains 5g of fat, most of which is the more healthy unsaturated fats.

What's your favourite way of using eggs?


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 Kathryn Elliott is an Australian based nutritionist, food writer and recipe developer.

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